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Get Money In Minutes from Your Car's Logbook

Do you need a little bit of extra financial help? Do you want to settle all your outstanding debts into one simple payment? Well now you can, logbook loans are increasing in popularity as the ideal way to consolidate all your loans - the perfect debt consolidation loan.
Did you know that with help of the log book of your car, you can borrow up to £50,000 in less than 24 hours? Well now you can. A log book can help you to receive the money you need for all your financial needs by using secured loans against your car's log book.

What's a Logbook?
A log book is a legal document that includes all the essential details of your car, for example: the model number, chassis number, registration mark, colour, ownership, and other details.
With the help of logbook loans you can receive a large amount of money by just securing your log book with the lender, which is then used as a form of security. People with bad credit can apply for these loans as well, subject to eligibility and affordability. Even if you have arrears, defaults, CCJ's, an IVA, or a bankruptcy, you can still enquire about a logbook loan.

To be considered for log book loan, you must meet certain application criteria:
You should be have a regular income, and be able to provide proof of this.
Your car should ideally be under eight years old.
Your car should be clear of any finance, and be fully up to date with any legally applicable taxes, insurance and MOT.

The log book must be registered under your name.
The money you receive from a log book finance can be used for many important, everyday things, like paying off existing debts, arranging holidays, wedding's, kid's, etc.

A log book loan is the most convenient option to get the money for all your needs. You can borrow from £250 to £50,000, with a repayment term of 1 to 3 years. Get a hassle free loan by enquiring about logbook loans uk today.

450.5% APR Representative
Our Lending Partners Representative Example

In the event that you acquire £850 more than year and a half at a level rate of 132% for each annum (settled) with an agent 450.5% APR you will make 17 regularly scheduled installments of £140.72 and 1 installment of £140.76, reimbursing £2,533.00 altogether. Be that as it may, our loaning accomplices just charge intrigue month to month and don't punish you for early settlement. In the event that you reimbursed the credit in one month it would cost you just £93.50 and nothing more.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Tips for Logbook Loan Success

If  you suffer from bad credit, you’ve probably heard of a logbook loan. This is a type of secured loan in the UK wherein the borrower’s car is used as collateral against the borrowed money and does not involve any credit checks. Despite its availability to bad credit borrowers, however, logbook loans are notorious for their interest rates. These are some tips you can follow to save a little money when you’re in a dead-end situation and logbook loan is your only choice.
Borrow only what you need. A great tip to live by whenever you’re borrowing anything is to borrow only the amount that you need. Sometimes, you might think that it is necessary to give an allowance for something else that you might need. However, this allowance might turn to something that is really unnecessary. After paying for the urgent matter you needed the loan for, it’s quite easy to pass by your favorite store, see the extra cash in your wallet, and spend it right there and then. Remember that this extra cash you borrowed will earn interest, and the more you borrow, the higher interest you will be charged.
Make sure your car is insured. While you can keep the car under a logbook loan, you will still be responsible for any damages and repairs it sustains during the loan period. Having your car insured can provide that needed coverage in case you got into an accident. It can prevent strapping you off more cash when you’re already tight, and you can avoid the need to borrow again.
Do not stretch your payment duration. A common mistake borrowers make is to prolong the length of time before they are to pay off the loan in full. In doing this, you are exposing yourself to accumulating more interests in the long run. While it is certainly necessary to consider what you can afford to pay each month, setting it to the lowest minimum amount possible doesn’t teach you to reduce your expenses. Besides, the longer you are tied to debt repayments, the longer it takes before you can start getting back on track with your budget.
Pay on time. The importance of paying on time couldn’t be reiterated enough in every debt you have. Making late payments, especially in your logbook loan, can acquire very expensive charges. Being on time with your payments not only saves you from these charges, but it can also give your credit score a little boost. You shouldn’t look at your logbook loan as an easy way to obtain cash despite your poor credit, but rather an opportunity to start rebuilding the credit that you ruined.
Shop around. You can find many logbook loan lenders in the UK, and like most companies providing the same service, they are not exactly identical. Sure the interest rates may be in the same range, but you certainly will find some differences in the terms. It pays to know what you are getting into no matter how urgent you need the money. Even if your credit is bad, never think that you are in no position to negotiate. Always ask questions and clarify your doubts, and since there are many lenders out there, don’t hesitate to pay the next building a visit.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

How A Logbook Loan Works: A Complete Blog

Logbook loans have become a lot more popular as a source of short term finance for people with bad credit of late but there are still some people who don’t know that much about this new finance option.

History of Logbook Loans
Logbook loans have been around since the late 1990s in the UK. They’re also common in the US where they’re known as Car Title Loans and where it’s estimated that there are over 7000 lenders lending some $1.6 billion of loans.
Needless to say the numbers are somewhat smaller in the UK but there are still a number of logbook loans lenders in this country and, as you’d expect, some are better than others.
The loans have been the subject of some bad publicity that mainly revolves around cars being repossessed and clearly this is a danger for a facility that is secured against a car. Whilst there are always two sides to the argument and the lenders will say that the publicity has been generated by people who never intended to repay in the first place, there are clearly lessons that can be learned on both sides.
The main lesson is that ability to repay is the key to a logbook loan and if you don’t have repayment options then don’t take out a logbook loan in the hope that something turns up.

How Logbook Loans Work – The Legal Stuff
Logbook loans are based on a 19th Century legal document called a Bill of Sale. Through this a borrower (known in the Bill of Sale as the “seller”) evidences that he or she has sold the vehicle on a specific date and at a specific location to the lender (purchaser) for value received (the loan).
The Bill of Sale is held as collateral security for the loan and is only enforced if the loan terms are breached.
Technically the Bill of Sale means that the logbook lender is the owner of your car while the loan is outstanding and the Bill of Sale is registered with the High Court in London for their protection.

How Much Can I Borrow With A Logbook Loan?
Well firstly you’re limited by your ability to repay the loan but assuming the repayment source is clear…
Secondly you’ll be limited by the value of your car with a maximum ceiling of 50% of the value. If you’re dealing with a reputable loan company you should be able to agree on a mutually acceptable valuer to get a fair valuation.
Finally there are limits on the amount the loan company will advance with a minimum of £250 up to a maximum of £50,000 (yes people with very expensive cars need finance urgently as well!).

How Logbook Loans Work – The Practical Stuff
You’ve got a vehicle (could be a car, motorbike, motor caravan, van or small commercial) with no finance and you want a logbook loan. So how do you go about it?
Firstly you have a choice to fill in an on-line form or telephone the logbook loan company. In either case the process should take no more than a couple of minutes. Everything at this stage is without obligation of course and there will be no fees to pay.
If you fill in the form the lender will call you back shortly afterwards and you can discuss your needs there and then. The lender will then outline an offer to you.
If you want to go ahead the lender will meet you at a place of your choice and complete the paperwork. You’ll need to bring some or all of the following (check with your lender before setting out for the meeting):
The vehicle
The vehicle registration document (V5C)
A spare key
Your driving licence
Proof of address (two can be required)
Insurance certificate
MOT certificate (if the vehicle is over 3 years)
Bank statement
15 minutes later and you should be able to walk away with the loan.
The lender will hold onto the spare key and the V5 document until the loan is repaid but you get to keep and drive the car.
Of course it’s your responsibility to maintain and insure the car while the loan is outstanding.

Who Is Eligible For A Logbook Loan?

The only fixed criteria are:

You must be a resident of the UK
You must be over 18
You must be the legal owner of a car that’s free or nearly free of finance
You must be in a position to repay the loan
Unemployed people, self-employed people, tenants, people on benefits are all welcome to apply logbook loans online and will be approved if they have the ability to manage the repayments that are agreed.
A bad credit history is not a problem as the lender is not there to judge you on your past. In fact even a past bankruptcy is not a hindrance.

Are Logbook Loans Companies Regulated?
Yes – all logbook loans companies are regulated by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) under the Consumer Credit Act and must hold a current appropriate licence.
Apart from this official regulation there is a body called the CCTA (Consumer Credit Trade Association) that has a Code of Conduct that offers borrowers a great deal of protection. All of the reputable logbook loan companies are members of the CCTA and subscribe to the Code of Conduct.

Early Repayment
All reputable logbook loan companies will encourage you to repay early if you can and all should allow this with no penalty charges.

Free of Finance?
Logbook loans are available for vehicles that are “free of finance” and specifically that means that the vehicle must not be subject to a finance agreement – for example an agreement that you took out from a finance company when you bought the car.
Vehicles purchased with bank loans or family loans are unlikely to be covered by a finance agreement and will qualify for a logbook loan.

Logbook Loan or Payday Loan
Both logbook loans and payday loans are intended for people who don’t qualify for finance from traditional sources but logbook loans have certain advantages:
They’re much cheaper than payday loans
They can be for higher amounts
You can get a logbook loan if you’re unemployed
You can borrow with a logbook loan for a longer period of time

Defaulting On A Logbook Loan
I don’t believe that anyone ever takes out a logbook loan with the intention of defaulting but clearly circumstances change and logbook lenders are fully aware that they’re dealing with a risky market.
That’s why they charge a high rate of interest.
The one rule that I’d recommend above all others with a logbook loan is to talk to the lender if you can’t meet the repayments and don’t bury your head in the sand.
Logbook lenders are there for the long term as they know that satisfied customers are not only potential repeat customers but also more likely to recommend them to others.
All reputable lenders will first work with you if you fall on hard times and reschedule the repayments so that you can afford the.
Unfortunately if you still fail to meet the repayments or if you avoid contacting the lender you are in risk of losing you car. That’s an undeniable fact of life and the reason why we can’t recommend highly enough that you only enter into an agreement if you can manage the commitment.

The Downside To A Logbook Loan
Logbook loans are an expensive way to borrow, so if you have a cheaper option take it. You should definitely explore all other options if you can.
If you default on the loan you’re in danger of losing your car and if you depend on your car for work or family reasons then this could be a major problem.

Logbook loans are a useful way for people who don’t qualify for more traditional borrowing to get a quick sum of cash to fulfil a pressing need.
They’re expensive but on the other hand they’re fast and flexible although you’d be advised to avoid becoming dependent on them.
But if you take the cost into account when you take up the loan and if you can afford to repay on (or preferably before) the due date then  a logbook loan may well be much better than the alternatives available to you.

Bad Credit Logbook Loan Company UK: Cheap & Best Log Book Loans

When you need money quickly for an emergency or to help pay your bills, you may not have time to wait on a decision for a traditional loan. While you can get money quickly through a payday loan, you can only borrow a small amount from those lenders. Instead, you can take out a logbook loan to get the cash you need quickly.

How to Take Out a Logbook Loan
When you need to borrow money quickly, you can use your vehicle to take out a logbook loan. Borrowers will use their car to help them get a logbook loan, which eliminates the need for the lender to look up your credit history to qualify you for a loan. Along with cars, some lenders will also allow you to use a motorbike or van in order to get cash.
The lender retains the logbook, which is documentation detailing who owns the  vehicle that you are using as collateral for borrowing money. The lender will also have you sign a Bill of Sale agreement that shows they temporarily own the vehicle. When you finish repaying the loan, which can take more than a year depending on the loan amount, the agreement will be terminated.
Even though you use your vehicle as collateral, you will still retain possession of it while you repay the loan. However, it is important to note that if you take out a logbook loan in the UK and you do not make the repayments, your vehicle can be repossessed by the lender. Since the lender is holding a Bill of Sale, they do not need a court order to repossess your car, motorbike or van.
Along with your vehicle, you will also need to prove that you have a steady source of income. This shows the lender that you have the means in which to repay the money they allow you to borrow. If you can provide proof of a job or another source of income, then you will be able to borrow the money you need to pay off your bills, consolidate some of your debts or to help you in an emergency situation.

How Much Can You Borrow?
Usually, the least amount of money you can borrow is £250 and the maximum amount will depend on the lender. Some companies will only lend up to £2000 while Eaffy Logbook Loans will lend you significantly more money. It will also depend on the vehicle you use for taking out the loan.

The Advantages of a Logbook Loan
As long as you have a vehicle that you can use as collateral, you can borrow money by taking out through a logbook loan company. There are several advantages to using a logbook loan including:

  1. Get money quickly.
  2. Bad credit is okay.
  3. Larger loan amounts.
  4. Borrowing money with other vehicles.
  5. Easy online process.

Get Money Quickly
When you need money quickly, you won't have to wait for days on a loan decision like you would if you tried to borrow money from a traditional lender. Most logbook loan lenders make their decisions within minutes, sometimes as quickly as 15 minutes, and you can walk out with cash in hand.
Their quick decisions will allow you to take out a loan and make your bill payment the same day. Instead of going to a logbook lender directly, some lenders also offer these loans online. If you apply for a logbook loan online, the money is transferred directly to your bank account and you can pay your bill by a cheque or directly through your bank card.

Bad Credit Is Okay
If you have bad credit, it can be difficult to get a loan from a traditional lender like a bank. Instead of using a payday loan to get the extra money you need, you can take out cheap logbook loans in the UK. You can still take out logbook loans with bad credit to get the money you need in just minutes. As long as you have a vehicle and a steady source of income, you can take out a logbook loan.

Larger Loan Amounts
Usually, if you have a bad credit history, the only loan options you may have are payday loans. However, payday loans are usually only available in small amounts that can be repaid when you get your next paycheque. If you need to have more money than a payday loan lender offers, a logbook loan is a good option.
While most logbook loan companies offer amounts as low as £250 for your vehicle, the maximum loan amounts they offer are significantly higher than payday loans. Some of the logbook loans in the UK will offer as much as £50,000. This will allow you to pay off any bills you have or help with any emergency that comes along.

Borrowing Money with Other Vehicles
While most borrowers use their cars to secure cheap logbook loans, if you don't have a car, you may be able to use another type of vehicle and get cash. Many logbook lenders will allow customers to use their motorbikes, vans or trucks to secure a loan. If you do use a motorbike, your loan may not be significant, but it could be enough to get you through an emergency or help you pay your bills.

Easy Online Process
You don't have to go to a lender's business in order to borrow the money you need. Many of the best logbook loans will be available to you online. You just need to fill out the online application or call the number listed on the website. Just as you would in person, you would provide information about your vehicle and your source of income.

You will need to agree to the terms and conditions of the loan, apply for the amount of money you need and wait for the lender's decision. When applying online, you may have the money transferred directly into your account in as little as two hours. Getting log book loans in the UK is a good way to get money that you need.

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Making the most of the logbook loans

A quality aspect of signing up for the logbook loans is the procedure used in the application process. In most cases you will notice that the lenders don’t conduct a full credit check irrespective of the applicant’s prior history prior to approving the loan. So if you are someone that is experiencing difficulties with getting a loan from the high street lenders, like the banks and building societies, you will certainly appreciate the more flexible approach provided by the logbook loan companies.
A further great quality of the application process is that it is completed very quickly. In most situations a loan is going to be approved or declined within a matter of hours and if approved the loan payment can be paid into the customer’s account within 36 hours. You might find that the interest rates on these types of loans are slightly higher than what you would expect with the mainstream lenders, but if you are able to shop around it should still be possible to get a very desirable loan offer.

Making certain to match the criteria

During the time spent consenting to one of the logbook propels it will be imperative to meet certain criteria set by the advance pros. Criteria relates to having full obligation regarding store free vehicle, which is inside an age of eight to 10 years (depends on upon the bank), and security is set up. Regardless of the way that there is an age control in association with the vehicle this won't not be applicable in case you are planning to use a vintage or extraordinary auto. If you do assume that you have an imperative awesome auto which can be used as security you may need to contact the shipper direct remembering the true objective to develop the available choices in association with applying for a credit extension. It is similarly basic for the possibility to be developed 18 or over and an inhabitant of the United Kingdom.
A standard logbook progress is likely going to be established on a regard in the territory of £250 to £50,000, and this is clearly related to the vehicle that you will be used as certification. All things considered it is possible to get a propel that is comparable to 65 to 85% of the business estimation of the vehicle. Remembering the true objective to get a full valuation for a vehicles regard, the banks will send a delegate to inspect the vehicle to develop the right market regard, which allows to learn the credit whole open.

Is this a quick and easy loan option?

In the event that you are in the position of having the capacity to a compensation the week after week or month to month reimbursements in a convenient manner, you will positively find that the logbook loans UK are a profoundly alluring choice for getting speedy money infusion which can be utilized for an extensive variety of reasons. In any case, it is imperative to recollect that since the vehicle is being utilized as insurance for the credit, the moneylenders to have the privilege to repossess the vehicle if you fall behind with the installments later on. So if the vehicle is basic for work or comparable duties, you will absolutely need to precisely consider whether you need to take out this kind of credit in the event that you trust that there might have any challenges with covering the customary reimbursements.

Are there any significant drawbacks

Since you are not utilizing a standard credit from a high road bank you will probably find that the financing costs will be higher than ordinary, yet fundamentally superior to anything fleeting advances like the payday advances. It isn't generally important to paying altogether high loan costs in the event that you can put the essential time and exertion into investigating the market. On the off chance that you are in the circumstance of having the capacity to get the advances from the high road banks, you aren't probably going to be worried with a somewhat higher financing cost since you will have the capacity to get the money advance for the fancied sum.
By utilizing the value correlation sites you ought to have the capacity to get a full energy about the possible costs required with the different diverse banks. In a perfect world, you need to take a gander at getting a decent three or four quote which you can contrast one next to the other with give the important time to review the offered terms and rates. When you can settle on the most best hopeful you can reach them keeping in mind the end goal to get a firm credit cite that can coordinate the particular conditions.

Where to find a logbook loan?

There are many place online where you can look if you want a logbook loan. If you want to apply directly with a lender than you can submit your application online with the likes of Eaffy Logbook Loans and other similar companies. The advantages of this is you may be able to think more clearly without as much pressure, knowing that it is just a no obligation quote.
Whichever route you decide to go on, it is always a good to get the appropriate advice first before. And as always if you ever get into difficulties, you should got speak to someone at the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Why are logbook loans very popular?

If you are a millennial, you might not be able to fully comprehend why logbook loans are very popular or why a good number of UK citizens hold it in high esteem. In the past, before logbook loans became mainstream, applying and getting approved for a logbook loan was akin to trying to fell a tree with a razor blade. People were required to have a good credit score before they could be approved for a loan. Those with a poor credit score had no choice but to sit back and watch as those with a good credit history got approved and enjoyed credit facilities.

Eaffy Logbook Loan is a quick and fundamental approach to manage step back the money from your auto. Logbook credit is here to give an inconvenience free, sensible and sensible answer for your budgetary needs, whatever they might be.

Logbook advances are credits secured on your vehicle, so the logbook lender affirms your vehicle until you pay the improvement back. You can continue utilizing your vehicle the length of you reimburse the credit. Regardless, they are costly and dangerous and you ought to evade them in the event that you can.

Fast forward to today and the terrain has immensely changed. The unveiling of logbook loans that do not dwell on a person’s credit score have indeed put people on equal pedestal. Individuals no longer need to worry about credit checks whenever they are applying for logbook loans. In fact, one of the many reasons why logbook loans are popular is because a person’s credit history is not taken into consideration prior to being approved. Whether you have a history of CCJ or defaults, you can apply and get approved within no time.

The second reason why logbook loans are popular has to do with the fact that the application process is pretty simple and straightforward. Unlike other types of loans where the requirements are stringent and paper work can take forever, logbook loans can be applied online within minutes and approval done within hours. This is a far cry from the bureaucratic process that we are used to when dealing with personal loans from high street banks.

Thirdly, the only collateral needed when applying for a logbook loan is a car. This is of course something that many people with a poor credit rating appreciate. Also, the fact that you temporarily give up ownership of your car but continue using it as you repay the loan is one of the things that have made logbook loans very popular. Imagine using a business car as collateral and continue to use it to earn income as you make repayments for your loan!

Access to higher amounts of money is another reason that have made logbook loans UK very popular. In fact, people with a poor credit rating rarely get approved for high amounts of money. However, the situation is different with logbook loans. You can get access to money up to 70% of your official car value and this is something that most people find attractive about logbook loans.

Flexibility of repayment is also another important reason for the rising popularity of payment. Depending on when you receive your payment, you can opt to make week, bi-weekly or monthly repayments to your lender. The fact that the repayment period is up to 78 weeks also makes it possible for a person to plan well in advance how they will repay the loan without straining their finances!

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Logbook loans are loans secured against your vehicle

They are even going to keep the loan confidential so that you don't have any issues. Repaying the loan is quite simple and their rates too are quite good.
Financial constraints can affect your life without announcing its arrival. Most of the times, as it is observed, surmounting situation like this becomes a tough nut to crack. To add to your woes is your adverse credit score. Banks and traditional money-lending institutions do not cater to the needs of those having a less than perfect credit score. Do not be shattered if similar is your situation as Eaffy Logbook Loans has an answer to all your cash woes. Apply through them for instant loans for bad credit and procure funds without having to worry about facing rejection.

For all those who are looking to get a loan at a great speed can visit the website Fast Log Book Money can help anyone in a lot of ways. The website helps the individuals in getting Log Book loans in pretty quick time. In just about 24 hours you can get loans without any credit check. This is the best thing about Log Book Money. The amount of credit you need, you can easily get it without much ado. So, clients can get access to cash in just about 24 hours. 

The main reason behind their popularity is that they don't do any credit checks on you. They provide you hassle free loans whenever you need them. During the complete loan period, you can easily have access to your car. Once you pay off the loan during the desired time period they are going to return your car's log book in double quick time. This is how they operate and offer you some fine services in this industry.

There are several reasons why one can choose them for custom made services in this industry. Some of the reasons are: quick money access, no credit checks at all, simple and straight forward loan procedure, absolutely no impact on your credit report and guaranteed credit approval. No matter you are young or old, whether you earn or not, you can easily get a loan once you contact them. There website has complete information in regard to the services offered by them. Whether you need loan for short term or long term, the company is going to help you in a lot of ways.

They are even going to keep the loan confidential so that you don't have any issues. Repaying the loan is quite simple and their rates too are quite good. For applying today, you can visit their official website It has complete information for you in regard to their services. For any other information, you can speak to their professionals online. Apply now!